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Eclipse Dog Grooming Home


That is not an easy question to answer. We feel that every dog is an individual and what works for one, may not for another. Remember to avoid the ingredients CORN WHEAT and SOY as they are potential allergens. Keep that in mind when choosing canned food and treats as well.

When changing formulas, it is a good idea to feed ½ of your dog’s old diet with ½ of the new one for a few days to gradually get the dog’s system used to the change. It can also be beneficial to add a bit of cooked white rice or canned pumpkin during the transition.

Know that chronic ear infections, continual skin problems, licking, eye rubbing,  excessive eye tearing,  and generalized itchiness can all be food related. Whether it’s an actual allergy or just intolerance to a particular ingredient, simply changing a dog’s diet can at times help to avoid costly vet bills.

We carry limited varieties of Holistic Select Food Nature’s Variety Instinct and Nature’s Logic here at Eclipse. We do this simply as a convenience to our customers and because it is what we’ve chosen to feed our own animals.

Eclipse Dog Grooming does not advocate one brand over another. We realize that every dog is unique, so it may take time to find a food that works best for your dog. If you are having any chronic health problems with your pet, we urge you to slowly experiment with different brands of food. Make sure to transition gradually and give each food at least 2 months to see improvement. Stop the transition immediately if the problem increases or new problems arise.






If you are having difficulty finding a food that works for your dog, we have suggested this testing to our clients. It is not an allergy test, it is a test for sensitivities. It can be an aid in your search for a food your dog can tolerate.









Which Dog Food is Best For YOUR Dog?


If you are wondering how the food you are now feeding ranks, check out Dog Food Advisor

Making sure you feed a food that works for your dog can greatly reduce vet costs.